Party & Bullshit (Cheapshot Remix) – Notorious B.I.G

School’s back in session, so I’m getting hit with homework, which gives me little time to blog. But that just means I’m going to procrastinate on my homework a little more. Oh well. I’ll keep this short. DJ Cheapshot dropped this remix of Biggie a couple days ago and it is smooth. Adding synths that would be welcome in a prog house song isn’t enough to make a song prog house. While the synths might fit there, they follow a bass line that would not be out of place in a hip hop beat performed live on a bass. But with the synths, the sound is pretty cool. On the chorus electric guitar joins in. All in all, an excellent remix. Check it out!

Party & Bullshit (Cheapshot Remix) – Notorious B.I.G / Or from SoundCloud

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