Lights (Remix) – YONAS

I’m traveling tomorrow, so don’t expect a post. I’m also finally getting my new computer tomorrow, so the future should be bright for further posts. I hope everyone had a fun New Year’s Eve! Two weeks ago, YONAS dropped this remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Lights”. Now I know “Lights” has been remixed exhaustively, but a hip-hop remix brings whole new elements that a purely EDM remix doesn’t, namely lyrics. YONAS reduces “Lights” to its signature muted bell-like synths and a hook, adds a booming bass line, then goes to town on the rap verses. YONAS has a way with words that some rappers never seem to learn, drawing attention the similarity between “audio” and “audience”. I particularly like this line: “I’m that bridge if you think there’s still a gap between that hardcore EDM and this hip-hop thing called rap”. I appreciate most forms of convergence and genre-bending. I think that YONAS remains rather clearly hip-hop but I do like that he looks to EDM as material to work with. I don’t know about calling “Lights” EDM… but let’s ignore that in support of the sentiment. This track is about as catchy as it can get. Enjoy it!

Lights (Remix) – YONAS / Or from SoundCloud

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