Dreamasaurus – Arpetrio

I’ve blogged Arpetrio before (here), but if you don’t remember, they are a trio, as you might expect from the name, who mesh electric guitar, keyboard, and drums with computers to create some unique music. “Dreamasaurus” is Arpetrio’s latest, a single from their upcoming EP, to be released in February. This track is far more electronic than the last track I posted sounded but you can still spot the guitar and drums meshing in and out with the electronica. The track starts out rather atmospheric, but this is soon amped up as the drums add energy. At first a glitch-y background synth and vocal sample are all that work with the drums, but many different synths come into play. The drums get a chance to shine then there is a return to the synths before the guitar has a turn. The track begins to pick as the electronic synths join the guitar to perform a hook practically in unison. This hook returns a few times throughout the track, finally crowned by an abstract vocal sample. The track just builds and builds to glorious heights, in a way that most electronic music doesn’t. Instead of a formulaic drum build, this track relies on more of a jazz aesthetic, in that each instrument gets a chance to jam. Check it out and get ready for the EP next month.

Dreamasaurus – Arpetrio

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