Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. LIX

It’s Friday as I write this, as is appropriate for mashups, but I think it will be Saturday before I publish this due to a combination of slow internet and Friday shenanigans. So let’s be quick and write this in short hand. Mashup time!

Yoni‘s latest track. Highlights: the entrance of Ke$ha’s vocals upon Nervo’s backing, One Direction (if you’re into that kind of thing). Enjoy.

Stay Young, Stay Beautiful – Yoni / Or from SoundCloud

An old one from The Jane Doze. Highlights: Robyn’s hook, Andrian Lux and the Temper Trap fitting together (seems obvious now…). Check it out.

Hang With Me Sweet Teenage® – The Jane Doze / Or from SoundCloud

A month-old track from Kap Slap. Highlights: Simplicity, mostly just Zedd is awesome. Give it a listen.

Where’s Spectrum (ft. Rihanna, Zedd, Matthew Koma) – Kap Slap / Or from SoundCloud

Two month-old track from Wick-it the Instigator. Highlights: Supernatural sample, Anchorman sample, transition to trap. Aside: this might not really count as a mashup…. I’m only a little sorry. Still excellent. Enjoy.

The Golden Trap Gangster – Wick-it the Instigator / Or from SoundCloud

Revamped mashup from DJ Kontrol. See the previous (non-trap) version. Highlights: Sax line, new trap beat, party song for the trap set. Check it out!

Drink Rattle (Lil Jon & DJ Kontrol Trap Bootleg) – Lil Jon f. LMFAO vs. Luminox vs. Bingo Players / Or from SoundCloud

Week old track from Kosher Kittens. Highlights: Unbelievably chill. Seriously excellent. Give it a listen!

Work it Back to Cali – Kosher Kittens / Or from SoundCloud

Week old track from D.veloped. Highlights: Rap section, general celebratory funkiness. Enjoy!

Too Hot To Stop (D.veloped Remix) – Bar-Kays / Or from SoundCloud

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