Fear Not the Dubstep XXXVI

For some reason, the week after break, all teachers assume that they can assign extra work because we shouldn’t have any right now, right? Anyways, I’m tired and in the midst of a group project (yeah, also not fun), so I’m going to keep this brief. It’s Thursday and it’s time for some bass.

Here’s a dirty track from Andrix. I honestly did not intend to play off of the song title, it’s just a bass heavy track. Enjoy it!

Dirty Talk (Andrix Bootleg) – Wynter Gordon / Or from SoundCloud

Figure tends to deliver intense dubstep tracks, so I tend to be skeptical of anyone slapping a remix label on a Figure track. But Wick-it the Instigator is a name I trust in the business. This remix rewards my faith. Check it out!

Must Destroy (Wick-it Remix) – Figure / Or from SoundCloud

AZEDIA‘s remix is another high quality track, but this one goes in a far more mellow direction. It’s almost dizzying to listen to this track on headphones because of the shifting levels from right to left and back again. Give it a listen!

Can’t get better than this (AZEDIA remix) – Parachute Youth / Or from SoundCloud

I don’t know who doesn’t have a weakness, or at least a bit of nostalgia for this song. Acetronik‘s remix can’t help but be welcome and I love the synths past the middle. Check it out!

A Whole New World (Acetronik Remix) – Aladdin / Or from Acetronik’s Facebook

And to get you ready for some mashups tomorrow, here’s a mashup with some dubstep liberally spread on top from Psymbionic. Gotta love the Busta! Enjoy!

Fried With Me – Psymbionic Vs Starkey / Or from PsymbionicMusic.com

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