Heartburn – CONCORD DAWN

February 10, 2014 by mashix

Concord Dawn
You know what we need more of? Drum N Bass. We could always use more. So here’s a track from Concord Dawn that I should have shared a year ago. Starting with an extended opening, this song builds up to its DnB sections. Before dropping the drums, the song builds a rattling synth line into a sense of anticipation ripe for the drop. A vocal sample keeps pace with the track and gives it an airy sense of disconnect, contrasting nicely with the exact reality that comes with the precise drum line. Enjoy it.

Heartburn – CONCORD DAWN / Or from SoundCloud


Sunset (Jamie xx Edit) – The xx

February 5, 2014 by mashix

Jamie xx
Jamie xx of The xx released this remix of “Sunset” months ago, but only recently was it released for free in order to promote the Laneway Festival. So if you share my money saving strategy of not listening to music you have to pay for, you won’t have heard it yet. While the original was quiet and practically laid back, this remix has a harder driving force from its repetitive bass line. The mood evoked is the wired alertness that can accompany exhaustion after being awake for far too long. This is ideal for playing at the tail end of an all night party. Check it out.

Sunset (Jamie xx Edit) – The xx / Or from SoundCloud / Or from iTunes


Stay – Crywolf & Ianborg

February 4, 2014 by mashix

In collaboration with Ianborg, Crywolf released this gorgeous dubstep track today entitled “Stay”. Crywolf is amazingly good at making incredibly emotional songs, filled with heart-squeezing vocals and delicate higher synths. The dubstep elements of this song are refined and subtle. The drums are the first obvious marker, and while bass swells throughout the verse, it is not until the hook that the dubstep bass comes out to play. Even then the synths are not front and center; they are blended with chopped and euphoric vocals and hints of other synths. This song is simply beautiful. Enjoy it.

Stay – Crywolf & Ianborg / Or from Facebook


If I Lose Myself (Win & Woo Remix) – Win & Woo vs One Republic

January 31, 2014 by mashix

Win & Woo
Win and Woo decided to take on One Republic’s hit, “If I Lose Myself”, and see what they could make with it. The result is a magnificent remix, and one they were unwilling to call just a remix. So they labelled it part mashup, mashed with their original work, as well. Their pride is justified. This remix is glorious. They built up a fabulous synth hook to add to the vocal hooks, as well as crafting some truly beautiful more quiet interludes. Enjoy this one.

If I Lose Myself (Win & Woo Remix) – Win & Woo vs One Republic / Or from Facebook


Don’t Shine – Raz Simone

January 30, 2014 by mashix

Raz Simone
Sorry for the brief break in music, folks. My cat of sixteen years is dying and it’s bumming me out. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Raz Simone has made some pretty amazing music in the past, but this takes his craft to a new level. “Don’t Shine” is filled with the kind of lyrics we’ve come to expect from Simone, dark and gritty. But his pacing is based around a beat that has several movements, keeping things fresh. His rap sections have a conversational tone and his sung sections feature gorgeous harmonies. A dramatic drum section emphasizes the faster sections while a marimba or xylophone line emphasizes the mournful beauty of the song. This song is intense and in your face and intense and quiet by turns. It’s incredibly compelling. Give it a listen!

Don’t Shine – Raz Simone / Or from Raz Simone

BONUS: And here’s the video that goes with the song. I’m not really a video critic, but I think this is a good companion to the drama of the song. It does some interesting things with speed, making the world in slow or fast motion while Raz Simone’s lips still move to match the speed of the song. The only color in this predominately black and white video comes when the song moves faster and the frames get distorted. Check it out.

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